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Commento n. 0155 del 03/10/2017 ore 13:34:37

ICH BIN BEGEISTERT ! Toller Service, wundervolles Messer ! Vielen herzlichen Dank für die schnelle und unkomplizierte Lieferung und die tolle Präsentation in der Verpackung, da merkt man die Wertschätzung des tollen Messers. Ich freu mich sehr und es war sicher nicht das letzte Mal, dass ich bei Ihnen etwas bestellt habe.

Sig./ra Alexandra Linder, 88048 Friedrichshafen

Commento n. 0154 del 25/09/2017 ore 22:44:58

I just received my second knife today from Sardinian Knives, a 43cm stiletto automatic with black and white scales (made of ram horn). My first knife was a 45 cm by the same artist, Lelle Floris. This 43cm knife is a combination of beautiful art, dangerous weapon, and piece of history all wrapped up in one. I could not be happier. Both of my purchases were expensive but I do not feel that I spent a penny too much. Amazingly, customer service was even better than the product. With both knives Antonio Lentini talked to me before, during, and after the purchases. No question went unanswered and at no time did I feel I was bothering him. Answers came quickly and completely. All around this is the best company I have dealt with in buying over 105 automatic knives from around the world. Michael T. Currey

Sig./ra Currey Michael, Orangeville

Commento n. 0153 del 18/09/2017 ore 23:47:06

I have purchased 100 automatic knives over the years from a variety of countries. The 2 knives I purchased from Sardinian Knives are the greatest pieces of artistry in my collection. They combine power, history, art and self - protection all in one. I have found no finer knives in my search for the best automatic knives in the world. In addition, this company has the best customer service I have ever encountered, answering every question immediately and with courtesy. The products are not cheap but are worth every dollar or euro. Not only have I purchased the 2 finest pieces for my collection I feel I made friends with Antonio Lentini and the members of his establishment.

Sig./ra Michael Currey, Orangeville, Pennsylvania

Commento n. 0152 del 24/08/2017 ore 09:38:44

Buongiorno, volevo informarvi che il coltello è arrivato. Vi faccio i complimenti per l’eccellente lavoro, sono soddisfatto di avere un pezzo d’artigianato proveniente da una terra che mi è rimasta nel cuore. Buona giornata e buon lavoro. Carlo

Sig./ra Polesello Carlo, Pordenone

Commento n. 0151 del 26/07/2017 ore 12:26:00

Antonio, Il mio coltello e arrivato oggi in perfette condizioni. La manico in muflone e bello! Grazie mille per il tuo aiuto con il mio acquisito. Neil

Sig./ra Neil S., Fletcher NC USA

Commento n. 0150 del 30/06/2017 ore 20:47:16

Dear mr. Lentini! I"ve reseived the parcel. This knief is a pearl in my collection! Many thanks!!

Sig./ra I. T, Saratov-Russia

Commento n. 0149 del 17/05/2017 ore 08:18:32

Articolo perfettamente conforme alla descrizione. Disponibilità totale del venditore e tempi di consegna rapidi (un giorno).

Sig./ra Maurizio Ledda, Roma

Commento n. 0148 del 02/05/2017 ore 21:48:30

Oggi ho ricevuto il mio primo coltello Pattadese È uno dei coltelli più belli che abbia mai visto. Spero di poter acquistare un altro! Nel frattempo, dica all'artigiano ... Grazie mille! Con molta rispetto! Joe

Sig./ra J.L., IL USA

Commento n. 0147 del 23/04/2017 ore 17:38:38

Dear Mr. Lentini, Now that it is in my hands I declare that this is an impressive piece! I am very pleased with it. Lelle Floris has realized outstanding piece of knife art. I like everything about his design. And I have never had a knife of this style which can be unlocked with one hand. To you I express my gratitude for going between him and me. And the next time you see Lelle Floris, please let him know that this knife is the center piece of my collection, the highest place of honor.

Sig./ra D.P., OREGON- USA

Commento n. 0146 del 14/04/2017 ore 22:58:52

Arrived today, beautiful! Thanks so much. - Larry

Sig./ra L. C, New York


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