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Commento n. 0170 del 12/11/2019 ore 08:00:28

Hey - I was checking out your site and I was impressed with your businesses growth trajectory.

Sig./ra David, Bet Shemesh - Israel

Commento n. 0169 del 29/04/2019 ore 22:41:50

Ho preso una pattadese. Molto soddisfatto dell'acquisto

Sig./ra Luigi, Milano

Commento n. 0168 del 17/01/2019 ore 06:19:57

Just opened you very classy knife package....beautiful, thanks so much....

Sig./ra R.B, Usa

Commento n. 0167 del 03/01/2019 ore 12:04:06

Beautiful as always! Excellent gift for my husband!

Sig./ra Valentina, Guilford

Commento n. 0166 del 05/11/2018 ore 07:26:54

ich freue mich,dass die Bestellung geklappt hat.

Sig./ra Andrea Lips, Lemgo

Commento n. 0165 del 30/10/2018 ore 20:51:45

Prodotto conforme alle attese, tempi di spedizione rapidissimi

Sig./ra angelo, ceratti

Commento n. 0164 del 11/10/2018 ore 17:33:04

Molto soddisfatto, massima cortesia e precisione

Sig./ra Mario Fieramonti, Cisterna di Latina (LT)

Commento n. 0163 del 05/10/2018 ore 13:05:38

sono veramente contento di avere acquistato il coltello da scuoio di Vittorio Mura & figli , č perfetto nella lavorazione. Grazie

Sig./ra Albanelli Giuseppe, Bolzano

Commento n. 0162 del 20/04/2018 ore 19:05:03

Just received my knife .. fantastic craftsmanship .. thank you .. will be posting a picture on artistic switchblade in Facebook .. saw a gentleman’s carry that caught my eye.. you most likely will be hearing from me again.. star rating .. also the shipping process worked out great.. although as you stated in did take awhile.. but the delayed gratification was well worth it... thank you again Alan

Sig./ra Alan Carney, St. Peters, Missouri, Usa

Commento n. 0161 del 12/04/2018 ore 20:12:41

Just received the knife and man is it a monster! Very well made and most deadly. Very fast for its size and such a classic look! Thank you and thanks everything you've done. By the way, it appears the package was never opened from its original seal. Have a great weekend Antonio. Sincerely, Charlie

Sig./ra Charlie Handy, Alexander, Arkansas. Usa

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