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Commento n. 0145 del 24/02/2017 ore 22:56:31

Non vedo l'ora di ricevere e godermi la mia tanto desiderata "pattada"

Sig./ra Olivotto Marco, Santa Croce del lago

Commento n. 0144 del 13/01/2017 ore 15:07:59

Prodotto arrivato oggi, semplicemente perfetto! Ho regalato una vostra roncolina rustica in montone a mio marito era il suo compleanno (io sono sarda, lui toscano ) ed posso definirlo il regalo perfetto: un prodotto lavorato finemente, perfetto, di ottima qualità... Era perfetta anche la confezione! Grazie di cuore, se si cerca la professionalità siete una certezza!

Sig./ra Daniela ricci, Pistoia

Commento n. 0143 del 29/12/2016 ore 20:05:04

Wonderful handmade knife...Coltello a mano Meraviglioso! (from SharpeDeals)

Sig./ra Greg. B, Soledad, California, United States

Commento n. 0142 del 20/12/2016 ore 14:13:27

Spedizione rapidissima e tutto perfetto, a partire dalla qualità e dalla descrizione per finire con la comunicazione e la cortesia. Consigliato!

Sig./ra Cossu Mario, Pisa

Commento n. 0141 del 15/12/2016 ore 15:52:44

I live in Montreal , Quebec and was looking for a pocket knife that is of good quality and elegant at the same time. So after searching a while with no success i found Tradizioni Sardi on line . My parents are from Sardegna and i have heard that their knifes are very fine quality. I ordered my knife with some guidance from Antonio via email and after 14 days as promised i received my knife delivered to my home. The knife is spectacular and of top quality. Thankyou Antonio , very pleased customer. I will surely order again in the near future.

Sig./ra Paolo Fancellu, Montreal, Quebec,Canada

Commento n. 0140 del 25/10/2016 ore 16:31:31

Dear, Thanks for delivery Sardinian Knife to Japan on my purchasing. I duly received the knife today, it will be a great Christmas gift for my husband! Grazie mille. I am always missing such a beautiful island Sardegna... Regards Mayuko Shiroo

Sig./ra Mayuko Shiroo, Tokyo- Giappone

Commento n. 0139 del 16/10/2016 ore 01:03:39

Received my OTTANA BOE Mask, it is gorgeous. Thrilled you could help get one to me here in Canada. Great Artists you are working with.

Sig./ra Howlett Keith, Vancouver

Commento n. 0138 del 28/09/2016 ore 04:52:51

Antonio - I received the knife and I'm very happy with the results. You are all amazing! My son is very happy to know that one day he will be getting that knife. He is only 12 now so I will need to wait another couple of years. Thank you thank you thank you!

Sig./ra Jarrod Lopiccolo, Nevada- USA

Commento n. 0137 del 30/08/2016 ore 18:26:18

Hello Antonio: Please forgive my late response, I have just returned from vacation. We received the knives, they are beautiful and we love them. I am possibly interested in purchasing more knives, but when I looked on the web-site there seemed to be a number of models that were not available. Do you have a different web-site with possibly more items or is there a process for ordering custom products from you? I will appreciate receiving any further information you have, but again we are very impressed with the knives we received. Thank you, Steve Verigin

Sig./ra Steve Verigin, Benicia- California

Commento n. 0136 del 22/08/2016 ore 21:05:28

Hallo Herr Lentini,Ware ist eben angekommen-vielen Dank. Viel Grüße in das schöne Sardinien- war dieses Jahr in der Nähe von Villasimius.Sehr schönes Fleckchen Erde. mfg Leif G.

Sig./ra Leif G., Hainichen Germany


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